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The aim of the project "Learning for the 21st Century" is to create modern learning centres in the 2 regions of the project partnership (Rijeka Region in Croatia, Little Carpathians Region in Slovakia) and to contribute to building an open, inclusive, regional learning environment that is accessible to a diverse local adult learning community. These centres will offer flexible and innovative learning modules in face-to-face, virtual or hybrid formats. Non-formal learning will target the green and civic competencies of the regions' inhabitants while also developing their language and media competencies. 


Project starting point

One of the starting points of the project plan was the fact that the numbers of adult learners are very low both in Slovakia and Croatia. However, awareness of the benefits and potential of adult learning is also low, especially among local authorities who do not consider this agenda as part of their education and development policies. As a consequence, there is naturally no cooperation between education providers at the local and regional levels. In general, the preliminary research has shown a clear need for competence building for the population of the target regions, including adult learners. Civic education and green competencies are key to life in the 21st century, and opportunities for their development are scarce. Many opportunities have been brought about by the rapid development of new learning tools and digital technologies.

Target groups

The primary target group of the project is regional education providers from the two target territories. The project is based on the theory of 'collective impact', which will be piloted through targeted networking of providers, identification of a common agenda, goals, data collection, shared learning, and joint relationship building with regional key stakeholders (local and regional public authorities, schools, NGOs, etc.) as well as open and consistent communication to build mutual trust. The end beneficiaries of the project results will be the members of the local/regional communities (Rijeka, Little Carpathians) who will benefit from accessible, open and flexible education for life in the 21st century.

Outputs and results 

The outputs of the project will be:

1. Learning centre for 21st century
2. Digital platform (information and e-learning platform)
3. 3.1 Green competencies, 3.2 Civic competencies with a focus on I. Civic participation, II. Project thinking, III. Media literacy



Project number: 2021-1-SK01-KA220-ADU-000028403.
Implementation period: 1.2. 2022 - 31.1. 2024. Project budget: 194 240 EUR


Partners and donors:

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